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“This workshop was by far worth every single penny. It was filled with so much content from loving yourself to keeping a balanced / organized workflow to branding and more. I went into this workshop hoping to meet some new people and left a completely changed person. Right after the workshop I had a wedding and it was Raining and we were told that the beautiful location we were supposed to hold the ceremony was now being changed to inside where the lighting Was so dark and really small. Prior to the workshop I probably would have gone into the day just dreading it but After the workshop I was reminded that this day is about the clients and serving them is the entire reason we are there to begin with. The wedding was beautiful and going into it with a different mind set was a game changer. This workshop gave me a whole new outlook on my business and truly moved me in a way that I didn’t expect. I walked away feeling so confident and ready to kill it. The leaders went above and beyond for us and made the experience so memorable and so enjoyable. I will highly recommend this workshop to everyone and will forever be grateful for this incredible opportunity. I’m feeling more motivated than ever and I’m ready to make a positive change in my business thanks to the experience workshop!”

- Nicole Kirshner, Nicole Kirshner photography  



“Where do I begin? I had been searching & waiting anxiously to attend a workshop for quite some time but no matter how many of them presented themselves right in front of me, it just never felt right. Until I saw this BRAND NEW workshop & something inside told me that this one was the one I needed to invest my money into. I'm so grateful for that universal sign. It was everything I needed at this time in my life and in my business. Charissa, Ashtyn & Liza seamlessly blend the complexity of trying to balance life as a photography-entrepreneur while remaining in touch with who you are & the life you want to lead aside from your business. I went in seeking answers. Answers to pain points I knew I was having as well as an open mind to be taught things I didn't yet know I needed and I was met with exactly that. I walked away from the workshop with ACTIONABLE knowledge and advice that spreads across the spectrum of me as a fulfilled human, successful business owner and better photographer. I have already began to implement self-care while simultaneously working on projects that will benefit my clients and up level the income in my business. I can go on and on about this workshop that these three have created, they lay their hearts, knowledge and experience out there for their attendees to soak up & leave you catapulting into a whole new mindset and season of life & business.”

- Maddison trester, maddison rose photography  


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“Man oh man. This workshop completely shook me to the core. It was everything I didn’t know I needed. It was more than just a photography workshop. It was a week long massage that everyone needs. My emotional, mental, and spiritual health has never been better. I will forever be grateful for this workshop and the ladies God put into my life. Im forever changed. If you wonder if this workshop is for you, IT IS. You’ll be investing in not only your business but in yourself. Thank you ladies for making me a better person for my clients and myself. I love each of you so deeply.”




“The Experience Workshop surpassed my expectations in the most fantastic way possible. I walked away with not only fresh beautiful photos, but a bigger understanding of the business side of wedding photography and a bigger heart for my clients. We covered every topic I could've wanted during our sessions and then got to photograph fantastic models in a breathtaking location! What a dream. Oh and I left with 15 new friends who I would've never met if it hadn't been for this workshop. Thankful is an understatement. If you're looking to improve yourself and your business to truly serve your clients and give your absolute best - GO TO THIS WORKSHOP.”

- Courtney Bellefeuille, Courtney Hellen Photography

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“I had the most incredible week at The Experience Workshop. We laughed so much and we cried so much but most importantly we learned so freaking much! I left feeling so full of knowledge, passion, and love not only for my amazing couples but for myself as well. These three girls poured their hearts out to us about every single aspect of the business and I could not be more grateful. To say that this workshop was life-changing sounds so dramatic but it is so beyond true. 15/10 recommend!”

- Haley Douglas, Haley Douglas Photography