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Ashtyn brooke

Hi, ya beauties! Ashtyn Brooke is my first & middle name (thanks mom & dad). Enneagram 7 (whaddup my sevens!) My love language is quality time, & I like my coffee black. My husband & I have an unhealthy obsession with The Office. We named our dog Beasley if that tells you anything lol. Honestly, I stumbled upon wedding photography mostly by accident. It’s kind of the dream job I never knew I wanted. But it’s been a huge journey of self-growth. Since re-shifting my mindset and approach to what really matters in this business, I actually feel like I can breathe again in my work life and valuing my mental health. I believe in bringing everything to the light, where true community is found and healing begins. I'm passionate about helping you find that same freedom through this workshop and can't friggin wait to be together and make the best memories ever?! YEEE. 



liza kirk

Hi friends! I’m Liza, pronounced “lie-zuh” ;) I began my photography journey as a ‘lil baby high school sophomore, pretending to know what the heck I was doing in a world of professionals (fake it til ya “make it”, amiright?). I actually stepped away from the photography scene in college as I pursued a medical degree--no joke dudes, I’m enthralled by science and the “why” behind everything. However, fate had other plans for my life as I made my way back to my truest passion of connecting deeply with souls and documenting the why behind their lives and stories.

It’s true, I am a creative and an emotionally driven bean to my core. There are times that I’ve honestly felt that this part of me could be holding back my business, and that gave me serious anxiety. I’ve learned that I don’t need to change my personality to fit my business. I need to change my business to fit my personality. I’m learning to love myself, the way my brain works, and the way I perceive the world and people around me. I am so incredibly excited to meet you. To get to know your heart, and your why. You have something unique to offer this world & it deserves to be unveiled in its purest form. I cannot wait to grow alongside you!!



charissa Mayeda

HELLO SWEET SOULS!! I can’t wait to meet you and hug your face. My name is Charissa and I’m an XNFP and enneagram 3w2 through and through. I have been a creative human my whole life. You name it, I’ve tried it (and also tried to sell it). While art runs through my veins so does business and marketing. In my photography business I actually picture myself as a business person first and an artist second. It’s just how I do things. Workaholism and putting my identity in my success has been a struggle for me ever since I got my first job at 15 and I can finally say I’ve come to a point where I can now (and forevermore) call myself a recovering workaholic. Entrepreneurship is a passion of mine and I know it always will be. This season for me has been one full of self-discovery and taking huge, giant leaps toward self-care (something I struggle with). Working toward healthy work/life balance has become a journey not a destination. I am so excited to share my story, advice, and business/art education with 16 of your hearts. And P.S. I will cry probably at least 37 times out of happiness and passion at this workshop. So you can bring me some kleenex, k thx.