When is this thing?

Monday,  January 27, 2020 /  1:00pm arrival

Thursday,  January 30, 2020 / 9:00am goodbyes (but…DISNEY anyone!?)

We will be going to Disneyworld on Thursday after the workshop is over and you’re all invited to come join us if you want to extend the fun!!

where is this thing? 

Orlando, FL! Kissimmee, to be exact, but practically neighbors with Disney!! If you live where there is a winter, get out of the tundra and come hang in the sunshine state for some much needed Vitamin D.

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How do I get there?

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is quick 25 minute drive away from the house. 

After sign ups are complete, we'll facilitate a few posts on The Experience Workshop Facebook group page so you all can figure out who will be sharing rental cars together! 


who is this workshop for? 

The Experience Workshop is a ladies only workshop for wedding photographers who are wanting to improve both themselves and their business. Wondering if this would benefit you specifically? Scroll down and check out the "what will I be learning?" section below!! Just know that The Experience Workshop is not catered to any experience level or number of years in the biz.

who do I get to learn from? 

US!! Here’s the thing, we are all different. We run our businesses differently because we are different people. And that’s how it should be. Our differences are what make us STOKED to serve each of you at this workshop. No one person is the same and no one person should follow a cookie-cutter mold for their business. We will share how we do what we do personally as it works for us, and we will teach you to do the same.

CLICK HERE to learn about your leaders.

What will I be learning?

Loving Yourself

Self Care
The Comparison Game and how NOT to play it
Recognizing healthy limits and creating boundaries
Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
What should work/life balance really look like for you?
Staying true to you

Serving Others

Knowing and loving our clients
Breaking industry stigmas
Redefining expectations of this career
Simplifying information overload
Setting the bar higher for client experience
Relationships with wedding vendors
Wedding guest and family interaction

Business Strategies

Getting Referrals
Building Your Brand + Website
Website Critiques
Step-by-step workflow explanation
Time management
Setting Clear Expectations
Effective Client Communication
Client Questionnaires + Contracts
Pinterest Strategy

how much dough we talkin'? 


This includes: Housing, all meals, snacks, drinks, styled shoots, and a helluva good time.

Each attendee is responsible for her own travel to and from the workshop. 

what will each day look like? 

The schedule will be pretty packed, because we want you to get the most bang for your buck. We have a LOT we want to teach and share, but we also want to be conscious of the need for space and free time along the way (shout out to you introverts, can I get an amen!) 

We will have two styled shoots that we are PUMPED about. We're going to keep those pretty much a surprise though ;) You won't be disappointed!!



We super invite you to come hang out with us for a few days and learn and grow and laugh and cry.